Daisy, during one of the adventure maps.
First Appearance: Milk Dash
Last Appearance: Douse The House (episode)
Username: ZShoot2KillZ
Nicknames: Daisy, Hermione Daisy
Gallery: 2ShootZKillZ Gallery

ZShoot2KillZ a.k.a. Daisy is a player in adventure maps Stampy went. She is also in a lot of hunger games and is Hermione Daisy in the Harry Potter Adventure Map. For some reason, she doesn't appear in Stampy's Lovely World often. She is also the creator of the massive cruise ship that Stampy toured. She was added to the Love Garden in Episode 129.


She appears in some adventure maps with IBallisticSquid and Stampylonghead, but she rarely appears in very few episodes of Stampy's Lovely World.


  • Daisy's skin is a cow wearing a princess crown.
  • The video which shows Stampy touring Daisy's Massive Cruise Ship received 47 million views, the second highest on the Stampylonghead channel.
  • Her skin is the same as Emm 2, a former helper.
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