Wiggly Worm
Wiggly Worm



Funland, Stampy's Lovely World

Built by

Stampy Cat
L for Lee x
Sqaishey Quack

First Appearance

Wiggly Worm

Other Appearances

Curly Caterpillar
We're All Winners
Wiggly Worm Works! (For Now)

Wiggly Worm is a game built in the Funland.


The game is set outside, appearing two funny creatures: a "wiggly" worm and a "curly" caterpillar. On the sides there are row of buttons where you press buttons to guess which the sand/gravel moves down and dings.


To play the game, players should reshuffle the sand/gravel to different lines of the worm/caterpillar. Then both players go to the front and guess where the sand/gravel will move down to the bottom. If they hear a ding and see the redstone lamp light up, it means it is correct and then proceed to the next column and if not, it means it is incorrect and turn proceeds to the opponent. The first person who reaches the end is the winner.


The game doesn't work anymore after the update that changed the way pistons work. Instead of the piston pushing only one block, the new piston pushes two adjacent blocks forward, making the gravel/sand unable to fall down.

The game ranked #4 in Stampy's Top 10 Broken Mini-games.

Temporary fixEdit

The game got fixed by a bug from a recent update. Stampy and Sqaishey got a chance to play the game in a video before the bug would be fixed in the next update, making it not working again. Stampy also got the opportunity to show and use the new pointing system for the game.

Trivia Edit

  • This game was most likely named after a giant sea monster that Stampy and Squid found while playing the Forgotten Vale adventure map, that they refer to as a "Wiggly Worm".
  • Unlike most of the games in the Funland (except Switch the Switch), the redstone is shown so the sand/gravel can drop down to the block and signaling the redstone to the ding.
  • Spring is the last dog to feature a game on Funland...
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