Who Is This Guy? is one of the Stampy shorts.

Synopsis Edit

There's a mysterious guy hanging around in the DVD shop.

Plot Edit

A guy enters a DVD store, and almost buys a DVD but is interrupted by a mysterious man stuck in a web. He asks him to watch the movie with him, and tricks the guy into telling him most of his personal info. The guy keeps talking about wanting do stuff with him, such as go shopping. He says he knows more info about him than his mom does, much to the guy being bothered . He asks him to play a game, as long as he's not a thieving pirate as he angrily yells at John, a pirate, and exits the store. The mysterious guy offers him a cookie, and they see his dad, making slow computer crashing sounds. After many offers, the guy accepts to hang out with him, and gives the DVD Store Cashier the DVD back, and leaves to his house. The mysterious guy, who turns out to be the Human form of the internet, disappears. The DVD Store cashier sighs and asks why they even let him in.

Credits Edit

  • Voice acting
    • Stampylonghead as the Internet
    • Captainsparklez as the DVD Store Customer
    • Simon Pegg as the DVD Store Cashier
  • Writer

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Stampy short to feature a film and TV actor (Simon Pegg).
  • This is the third time Stampy has collaborated with Captainsparklez. The first in two episodes of Stampy's Lovely World and in Episode 6 of Minecraft: Story Mode.
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