What Goes Up is a mini-game in Stampy's Funland.


The game is all set outside, bordered by a large wall consisting of wool and glass. The area inside is a grid, with 4 shelters in each corner. Near each shelter is 4 minecarts wired up to the iron door in each shelter. There is also a minecart in the middle of the grid, which is very difficult to aim. You usually get an enchanted bow with Flame, Fire Aspect, or Infinity.


The aim of the game is to open your door first. To do this, you stand in your shelter armed with a bow and arrows. When you are in your shelter, the iron door closes and there is no way out. You must shoot your way out! Using your bow and arrow, you must try and aim (seemingly randomly) in the sky, trying to get the arrows to land on a minecart in your grid. If it lands on a minecart, the minecart will disappear, deactivating the pressure pad below it. When all of your 4 minecarts have disappeared, you must then aim for the final cart in the middle, which is very difficult to aim. You must be careful when you aim the final one. When you have shot that down, all pressure pads are released, causing your iron door to open and your freedom is granted. The winner is the person who is released first.

(Note: The iron door opens when all pressure pads are UNreleased. This is due to a converter contraption which converts redstone signal into non-redstone signal and vice versa)


  • Under the location of the game is a dungeon and a deep cave. Eventually Stampy and L for Leeeee x made a competition to have the most diamonds.

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Minecraft Xbox-What Goes Up [150]

Minecraft Xbox - What Goes Up 150

Minecraft Xbox - What Goes Up 150

What Goes Up
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