"OMG! I have asked over 100 times to use the old texture pack. And u don't use it! I don't like the plastic texture it's so annoying! --This comment must be seen by Mr. Stampy Cat"
— Thomas Butterworth
Water Rush(episode)
Episode 131
Minecraft Xbox - Water Rush 131

Minecraft Xbox - Water Rush 131

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Thomas Butterworth
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Water Rush is the 131st episode set inside Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy and his helpers start building a new minigame in the Funland.


Stampy started the day by greeting to the viewers and to his helpers. They then went to the Love Garden and added Thomas Butterworth, for leaving a comment in one of his videos saying that he did not want the plastic texture pack, and preferred the old one. They then went to the Toy Town and showed it 100% complete. He then went to the Secret Base and turned off the Plasticator. He then went to the Dog House and picked Sherbet, then they all went to the Funland and started building Water Rush. He then ended the video.

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