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Episode 185
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Water Pyramid is the 185th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.

Synopsis Edit

Stampy and Lee discover new things on Title Update 14 then they continue building the Pretty Kitty spa.

Plot Edit

Stampy started the video by greeting to us and Lee Bear and eating cake for breakfast. They then played the arrow minigame. Lee Bear missed the target, while Stampy got it. He broke through the balcony and headed over to the Love Garden. He added the Elsburys family because he met them in personal at a conference and he received some presents from them, such as a Stampy Cat doll, Cake Brownies, Keychains and a drawing.

They then stopped by the Crafting Room to craft a new item on TU14, the anvil. The anvil repairs the broken item and can be renamed, however you have to pay for it using your XP. Lee named his leggings while Stampy renamed his iron boot into Stampy Style boots. He then founded Henry who was at the upper floor, however nearly on the edge though. He then went to the Dog House and picked Corey, this time, using the collars. He had able to dye the collars of the dogs with different colours. They then went to the Wishing Well and wished for carrots and potatoes, two new foods added on the new update. He obtained it and planted them on his farm. He then maked two pumpkin pies (which is also new), one was for Lee. They then proceeded building the new spa. After they made good progress, he ended the video.

Trivia Edit

  • The episode marks the following:
    • The first episode where the collars of the dogs now have different colours.
    • The first episode where the name of his iron boots is now Stampy Style boots.
  • Stampy accidentally said that he cheated to obtain carrots and potatoes.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox - Water Pyramid 185

Minecraft Xbox - Water Pyramid 185

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