Hi! Probably you've seen that I'm the only staff member who is active on this wiki. I really wonder where they are, since it's been months since I last saw them active here. And since I had never posted a blog post in months and I had not updated you all recently on what is happening, I decided to post on what I've been doing here and the changes I made.

Main Page

  • Simplified Welcome Section
  • Updated Wiki Navigation (new nav tab is cool tbh)
  • Removed Staff Info and added Wiki Message Board as Replacement
  • Added Social Section - combo of Wiki Twitter, Stampy's Twitter, and Blog posts
  • Simplified source code and separated each section into template

Site pages

  • Updated Tips and Tricks
  • Combined Staff Application and Staff Requirements into one

For article pages

  • Created new infoboxes for games and Minecraft series
  • Utilized Location2 template
  • Added Youtube icon as link to episodes on Episode infobox
  • Updated Stub and candidates for deletion templates


  • Removed useless pages

And there's minor stuff that I'll leave them to you guys where to spot. Enjoy your stay! I wish the rest of my fellow members will be back! RatchetInTheDino (talk) 08:48, June 22, 2017 (UTC)