Not really a sarcastic blog but hello everyone. I don't really watch Stampy anymore due to the data caps (it infuriates me). But for the newcomers, good day in the wiki.

What is this blog all about?

So I got into high school. I'm studying as a Special Science Class student in Grade 8 (yes middle school for Americans.) I got a 2-day no class and there were no assignments given (oh thank them.) I checked the wiki using a new computer if things are still working and I found tons of problems. I'll try to put it all to this blog.

But why not in the forums?

It's to bring attention to the readers and editors in the wiki.

Problems in the wiki

So I'll try to sort them out to the obvious to not obvious. Yes, it's hard to edit stuff and I don't really have the time to edit the wiki.

  1. The chat.
  2. Lack of new episodes
  3. Lack of high quality images
  4. The categories problem

The Chat

If you really noticed that there's some HTML problems in the chat's code, that's the problem that I want to point out. It just makes the chat not appealing to users.

Lack of New Episodes

Remember the New Page ability? Yes. You can create pages for the new episodes but I'm just stunned that no one creates a page for an episode. I'll try to find time to make some pages for the sake of this problem.

Lack of High Quality Images

Hmm, I admit I do upload low quality images back in my day when I was active but guys. Can you crop the screen capped image before uploading it? Also I appreciate the ones who can upload the images of episodes to the site.

The Categories Problem

The categories were and are the problem of the wiki. It even existed back in my day. Can we put categories to right categories not to the unrelated ones? Sorry if I placed categories to the unrelated ones but that was 2 years ago.


I'm not really angry but I still care for this wiki. I don't really know how things work but I'm not going out of my retirement. It's good to see that the wiki is still improving. Also if you want to communicate with me, you can check me out in my twitter Click here and I'm currently working on a story in Wattpad. Wattpad Profile

It's nice to see this wiki again. :3