Okay so a few years ago I made a playlist with all of the episode of Lovely World. This was back before he made them all private so I was able to add the first 31.

Here are the links:

Episode 1: Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World

Episode 2: Stampy's First Home

Episode 3: Visiting Crimcity

Episode 4: Stampy's Treehouse

Episode 5: Underwater Minetrack

Episode 6: Gregory The Dog

Episode 7: White Chocolate Paradise

Episode 8: Inconvenient Death

Episode 9: Journey Into The Nether

Episode 10: Fun At The Farm

Episode 11: My Lovely Doghouse

Episode 12: Having A Room Off

Episode 13: Back In Crimcity

Episode 14: Googlies Trap

Episode 15: Confusion In A Maze

Episode 16: My Lovely Tower

Episode 17: Accidents in the Lava Room

Episode 18: Emergency Igloo

Episode 19: A Lovely Lighthouse

Episode 20: Longbow's World

Episode 21: My Mine

Episode 22: I Ride My Minecart Back And Forth

Episode 23: Lovely Library

Episode 24: Operation Build Tardis

Episode 25: Visiting In Crimsville

Episode 26: Teamwork

Episode 27: Making A House A Home

Episode 28: Featuring Bread Stick's World - Part 1

Episode 29: Featuring Bread Stick's World - Part 2

Episode 30: Making A Swimming Pool

Episode 31: Inspiration Room

Please keep in mind that these links only work on The Wayback Machine, but unfortunatley you cannot watch the videos. That is how I was able to find the missing air dates. I just thought I would share the links with everybody.