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Unexpected Drama is the 42nd episode and the very first battle episode with Hit the Target in Stampy's Lovely World.


In the beginning of the video, he finds out that all of the signs in his love garden are all 'awaiting approval'. He then explains that he destroyed a mountain so he could make more space. He adds Emmabrown685 and cmaltis10 to his Love Garden because of funny comments they both made on a video. While Stampy is beginning to build one of the rooms in his house, Bubbachub scares him and informs him about Hit the Target's invasion. He then prepares for the battle and brings Tikka, Oreo and Lucky with him. Stampy sees Chloe and BreadStick in the Clubhouse as they shoot arrows to his fortress to point where Hit the Target holds his defense. BreadStick then dies after he got shot many times by Hit the Target when the group gets there. He then retreats and enables his lava trap. Chloe crafts some ladders and the group climbs up to his fortress. The group begins to inspect it and Stampy then runs from Hit the Target. After Hit the Target dies from being on fire, Lucky died at the same time. Stampy and Chloe destroy the fortress in a ridiculous manner as he celebrates his first battle out of many with Hit the Target.


  • Lucky caught on fire unexpectedly, causing his death.
  • This episode marks the first battle of Stampy against Hit the Target.
  • This is the only battle with that has gamertags on. However, the later battles have gamertags switched off. This is due to the fact that Hit the Target no longer plays Minecraft and now one of Stampy's helpers plays HTT.
  • After the battle, Hit The Target is still seen burning and standing even though he died. His ghost can be mentioned on the Hauntings page.
  • Many other helpers unexpectedly joined Stampy as he was jumping around in his clubhouse.
  • This episode is one of very few in the series where 3 dogs are used to fight.
  • All three dogs Stampy took to fight Hit the Target are dead. Lucky died in this episode, Tikka died in Shooting Range, and Oreo died in Chubby Kitty.


Minecraft - Unexpected Drama 42

Minecraft - Unexpected Drama 42

The Video

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