Tree Train (episode)
Episode 122
Tree Train
Release Date September 21, 2013
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Cranny Kart
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Tree Train was the 122nd episode. It is the 22nd episode of Amazing New Projects. This is where they build their new minecart transportation.

Plot Edit

Stampy does his usual greeting, then heads to the Love Garden and adds Cranny Kart, for making a Stampy quilt. Afterwards, he goes up to the mountain where a sheep is stuck, and guides it down to the bottom.

He and Lee then went to the Tree Train, and began putting together the tracks. The walls and lighting were done in the previous episode. After a hard day's work, he and Lee ride the Tree Train for the first time to Stampy's Funland. He tried to shoot Lee with a Bow/Arrow, but fails. Lee shoots Stampy back successfuly, and his Minecart gets damaged.

Then he spawns another Minecart, and sends it over to the Spawn. He closes the episode by sending it back in the other direction, but failing to get on in time, and ended up chasing the Runaway Minecart.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Tree Train [122]

Minecraft Xbox - Tree Train 122

Minecraft Xbox - Tree Train 122


  • This is the only episode where Stampy fast-forwards while he builds it.
  • A foreshadow to Sinking Feeling I made.
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