Stampy's Town at Night

The Town at night, as seen in the "Fast Food" episode

The Town is a location inside Stampy's Lovely World, and is the is the home of the shops, restaurants, and other buildings that are built by Stampy and his Minecraft Helpers. It is one of the oldest locations in the Lovely World and is continuing to expand to this day. It is also the second biggest location in the Lovely World after the Funland. The first addition to this part of his Lovely World was Stampy's Hot Buns.

Name Episodes Built Building Type Class Hight
Theater 34, 38, 41 Theater Entertainment 20
Stampy's Hot Buns 90-92 Bakery Restaurant 9
Lovely Jubbly Flowers 97-98 Florist Shop 5
Stampy's Overwear 104-105 Clothing Store Shop 6
Pick-A-Pet Pet Shop 111-113 Pet Store Shop 16
Toy Town Toy Shop 128-130 Toy Store Shop 13
Melon Moments 136 Fruit Stand Restaurant 7
Crazy Cow Milk Bar 159-160 Milk Bar Restaurant 10
Flap Postal Service 173-174 Post Office Government 22
Soggy Sandwich 179-180 Sandwich Restaurant Restaurant 10
Pretty Kitty 184-186 Spa Health 10/11
Caring Cat Clinic 192-194 Hospital Health 6
Beat the Heat Fire Station 211-213 Fire Station Government 9
Playful Po Po Station 219-220 Police Station Government 8/9
Piggy Bank 226-230 Bank Government 7
Loose Tooth 234-235 Dentist Health 5
Cool School 240-242 School Government 19
Hotel of Dreams 248-252 Hotel Hotel 39
Superior Interior 257-258 Furniture Store Shop 5
Harriot's Hats 266 Hat Store Shop 8
Need to Read Book Shop 271-272 Book Store Shop 6
Baa Baa Barber 277-278 Barber Health 15
Waste Place 285-286 Recycling Plant Government 15/16
Clean Machine 292-293 Washing Machine Store Shop 6
Snack On Track 298-299 Fast Food Restaurant 6
Firework Shop 305-307 Firework Store Shop 30
Shoe 4 U 312-314 Shoe Store Shop 8
Tick Tock Clock Shop 319-325 Clock Store Shop 7
Tea Time Tea Shop 324 Tea Shop Restaurant 110
Cat Chat 329-331 Radio Station Radio 39
Sweetie Pie 336-337 Candy Store Shop 5
IC Optician 342-343 (Optician) Health 12
Farmacy 348-349 Pharmacy Health 10
Pawly Pets Pet Vet 355-357 Vet Health 7
Wagging Tail 372-373 Doggy Day Care Health 9
Sounds Good Music Shop 381-382 Music Store Shop 15
Clay Oven 388-389 Pizzeria Restaurant 15
Flying Fish 396-397 Sushi Supermarket Shop 9
Telly Box 403-404 Television Station Entertainment, Media 15
Hot Potato 25 Restaurant Restaurant 8.5
Fancy Pants 415-417 Fancy Restaurant Restaurant 20
Movie Magic Movie Theatre 422-424 Cinema Entertainment, Media 12
Pollywood Film Studio 427-430 Film Studio Entertainment, Media 10
Coffee Corner 435-437 Coffee Shop Restaurant 21
Sky High Restaurant 442-443 Restaurant Restaurant 81
Shiny Shop 448-449 Jewelry Store Shop 22
Tool Order Tool Shop 460-461 Hardware Store Shop 9.5
Pollytechnic 465-466 Redstone Shop Shop 6
Fizzy Fun 469-471 Party Store Shop 15
Good Fortune 477-478 Fortune Tellers Entertainment 27
Smart Art 482-484 Art Gallery Entertainment 8.5
Lol Laugh On Logs 488-489 Comedy Club Club 10.5
Hat Trick 494-495 Magic Store Shop 19
Nice Cream 501-502 Ice Cream Store Shop 16
Zen Zone 508-509 Dojo Health 18.5
Jungle Gym 514-515 Gym Dumbbell Formers 17
Lovely Inc. 519-525 Skyscraper Rooming Arounders 71
Stewpendus 529-531 Stew Restaurant Restaurant 22.5
Airport 536-540 Airport Government 11
3 Z's 546 Bed Store Shop 22
Meat and Greet 555-556 Butcher Store Shop 6
Beetroutique 561-562 Beetroot Shop Shop 4
Cookie Crumble 562-563 Cookie Shop Shop 9
Doggy Disco 569-570 Disco Entertainment 11
Fast Food 574-577 Fast Food Restaurant Restaurant 15
B.O.A.T. Showroom 584-585 Boat Dealership Shop 9
Farm Factory 589-593 Industrial Farm Farm 10
Fancy Circle Park 597-598 Park Park 15
Now We're Cooking 605-606 Chicken Restaurant Restaurant 13.5
Big Apple 612-614 Apple Cafe Restaurant 11
Home Dome 618-620 Room Shop Shop 21
BINGO! 626-629 Bingo Entertainment 22
Fortune Fountain 633-635 Casino Entertainment 20
Good News 639-642 News Media 32.5

Luxury Barn

646 Animal Barn Barn 8.5
Court Of Paw 651-652 Court House Government 23

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Houses Edit

Other Structures Edit

Top 10's

Stampy's Top 10 Buildings In His Lovely World Edit

  1. Clock Tower (Tick-Tock Clock Shop and the Tea Time Tea Shop)
  2. Hotel of Dreams
  3. Waste Place Recycling Plant
  4. Flying Fish Sushi Restaurant
  5. Pretty Kitty Spa
  6. Piggy Bank
  7. Fancy Pants Restaurant
  8. Toy Town Toy Shop
  9. Clay Oven Pizzeria
  10. Stampy's Hot Buns

Stampy's Top 13 Tallest Buildings Edit

  1. Clock Tower
  2. Sky High
  3. Lovely Inc. skyscraper
  4. Rocket Ship
  5. Stampy's House
  6. Hotel of Dreams1
  7. Lighthouse1
  8. Cat Chat1
  9. Firework Shop
  10. Good Fortune

Other things and places Edit

  • There are dog graves for Gregory, Stampygoodnose, Snowy, Porky, Guilty Bark, Lucky and Spring. Spring's grave is located beside the Playful Po Po Station, while the other six are located within Stampy's House.
  • At the very back of the Town and in front of the Funland Sign, there is a big flat space where Stampy built some of the Employee-of-the-Month mini-games and other things for his videos. It used to be a huge patch of sand which was originally Stampy's main source of sand. It was later decorated and turned into a park, while keeping the same purpose.
  • Harry's first hut was built at the very back of the town near the Clay Oven Pizzeria, where he was tamed. He has since transferred to a new hut built within Stampy's House.
  • There is also a river running from the front of Stampy's house to the ocean.
  • There is also a giant melon tree near Stampy's house, which is a stop for the Tree Train.
  • There is a small patch of land named Googlie Hill, where it is believed that most of the googlies lurking around the Lovely World spawn there.
  • There were platforms that looked like cookies, and were used for Fizzylympics.
  • There was an island built near the SS Stumpy named SOS Island. This used to be Longbow's home after he “walked the plank” from the ship. It had a proper, spacious home under it. It was taken out in Vault Of Treasure, as he was building the final two rooms of the Piggy Bank. The island was eventually covered by land shown in Art Gallery.

​Details about Downtown Edit


Stampy usually expands the land when he is running out of space to build shops and restaurants. The most common things he does was making more land fronting the ocean (but closer to a part of the Funland, in which he hopes to build a gate around) and destroying parts of a hill. Stampy is also planning to expand and reclaim the land on the southern side (near the Lighthouse) and turning it into a row of restaurants.

One major expansion of Downtown was destroying the houses in the Helper District. Stampy expanded his Downtown part of his Lovely World. He demolished the Helper District (Stampy's Village) with 2 houses being blown up every episode. His plan began in the episode Waste Place where 1 house for Choo Choo, had blown up with TNT. It was finished in the episode Burn And Boom. All the debris from the demolition were recycled or incinerated in the Waste Place and was used for building new shops and restaurants.

Shops and restaurants have been built there, starting with the Clean Machine. Now that the area is filled up he went back to expanding over the ocean. In episode 388 Stampy announced that his town has expanded to the point that you can walk straight into the Funland from the town. Now it has gotten to the point where the area where Fish Me a Dish and the Top Paw Doggy Assault Course is connected to the downtown area behind the film studio and the Magic Movie Theater. He also expanded to the south near the SS Stumpy, taking out the old SOS Island.

He also built an area next to the Flap Postal Service and in front of where the Clean Machine, Fire-Work Shop, and Snack on Track area. He's named this the restaurant area starting with Flying Fish, but after it was filled up he added a new section beside the Funland sign chiseling most of the bunkhouse hill. This is also considered the restaurant district. Also, between the Flying Fish and the Crazy Cow Milk Bar, Stampy extended a path down to the water in front of Cow Island, where Nice Cream would also be located.

Stampy announced in Lovely Inc that the second part of the town will be constructed behind Stampy's House, with the Lovely Inc. skyscraper as its first addition. Meanwhile in Squiggly Wiggly, he announced that his restaurant district has extended to the right of the current one, connecting the town with Cow Island. The Stewpendus restaurant is the first addition to the new landfill.

Next to the restaurant district, in front of the Funland sign, Stampy created a new landfill where the Fancy Circle Park would later be located. The paths in this landfill connect to the restaurant district, as well as the old tunnel under the Funland sign.

Stampy destroyed the animal pens and build an New Animal Barn, It next to the Airport and the rocketship.


When Stampy was walking near the Piggy Bank in Episode 347: Bury Berry 2, a mysterious door slam was caught on tape at around 4:20. Also in Episode 42: Unexpected Drama, Stampy killed Hit the Target, and each episode after that there was always a ghost of Hit The Target seen haunting him until Episode 76: Revelation.

Shops and houses and vehicles In Order Edit

  1. William Beaver's Karven
  2. Stampy's First Home
  3. Stampy's House
  4. XP Farm
  5. Lighthouse
  6. Theater
  7. SS Stumpy Boat
  8. Funland Sign
  9. Funland House
  10. Stampy's Hot Buns
  11. Lovely Jubbley Flower Shop
  12. Stampy's Overwear
  13. Pick a Pet Pet Shop
  14. Toy Town Toy Shop
  15. Melon Moments
  16. Mittens Kitty Cat Condo
  17. Crazy Cow Milk Bar
  18. Submarine
  19. Wishing Well
  20. Flap Postal Service
  21. Soggy Sandwich
  22. Pretty Kitty
  23. Caring Cat Clinic
  24. Hot Air Balloon
  25. Harrison Hill
  26. Fire Station
  27. Playful Popo Station
  28. Piggy Bank
  29. Loose Tooth
  30. Cool School
  31. Hotel of Dreams
  32. Superior Interior
  33. Harriot's Hat Shop
  34. Need to Read Book Shop
  35. Baa Baa Barber
  36. Waste Place
  37. Clean Machine
  38. Snack on Track
  39. Firework Shop
  40. Shoe For U
  41. Clock Tower (Tick Tock Clock Shop & Tea Time Tea Shop)
  42. Cat Chat Cat Chat
  43. Sweetie Pie
  44. iC Optician
  45. Farmacy
  46. Pawly Pet Pet Vet
  47. Wagging Tail
  48. Sounds Good Music Shop
  49. Clay Oven Pizza Hut
  50. Flying Fish Fish Shop
  51. Telly Box
  52. Hot Potato Restaurant
  53. Fancy Pants
  54. Movie Magic
  55. Polly Wood Film Studio
  56. Coffee Corner
  57. Sky High
  58. Shiny Shop
  59. Polly Reindeer's House
  60. Tool Order Stuff Shop
  61. Pollytechnic 
  62. Fizzy Fun Costume Shop
  63. Good Fortune Picture Shop
  64. Smart Art 
  65. LOL
  66. Hat Trick 
  67. Nice Cream
  68. Zen Zone
  69. Gym
  70. Lovely Inc Skyscraper
  71. Stewpendous
  72. Airport
  73. 3.Z's
  74. Meat & Greet
  75. Beetroutique/Cookie Crumble
  76. Doggy Disco
  77. Fast Food
  78. B.O.A.T
  79. Farm Factory
  80. Fancy Circle Park
  81. Now We're Cooking
  82. The Big Apple
  83. Home Dome
  84. Bingo Hall
  85. Fortune Fountain Casino
  86. Good News
  87. Luxury Barn
  88. Court Of Paw

Trivia Edit

  • There was once a minecart line running through the town to the Funland, but it was destroyed in Episode 120: Staring Contest, but didn't officially get completely destroyed until Episode 124: Sinking Feeling. The minecart rail was replaced by the Tree Train, which goes underneath the town.
  • There was also a hill with a Minecart Station where part of the main path is there now.
  • The paths of the town are made of birch and spruce wood.
  • Harry the Horse's first house is in the town. His game, Harry Hops, is in the Funland.
  • So far the tallest building in the town is Stampy's Clock Tower.
  • Currently the smallest building is the Sweetie Pie Candy Shop closely followed by the Emergency Igloo.
  • The space located down from the town but just in front of the Funland is used for the Employee of the Month minigames. It has since been replaced by the Fancy Circle park.
  • Fizzy Elephant built a rollercoaster flume ride next to the Sushi Restaurant but was later demolished for unknown reasons.
  • The town has been the site of many Hit the Target battles.
  • There is a park in front the Funland sign.
  • Out in the water across from the Sounds Good Music Shop, Fizzy built a cookie parkour. This has been covered up by the new landfill connecting to the Funland.
  • In Episode 300: Everything, and Episode 600: Town Tour he toured his house and town.
  • A mineshaft, most likely made by a helper, was found while Stampy was making Toy Town.
  • After Stampy demolished the Helper District, he regularly ran into basements of the former houses of that district while building more shops in the area.
  • The pattern of the paths likely came from the floor in a helpers house n the helper district
  • Stampy built 3 shops in his town for his 3 current helpers William Beaver, Polly Reindeer and Fizzy Elephant.
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