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Funland, Stampy's Lovely World

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Dog Assault Course

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Top Paw Assault Course is a game built inside the Funland.

The Fastest Dog Was Sherbet But Later Overtaken By Flippy

Fluffy was the slowest Dog For A very long time Before Corey took her place.


The game is set inside a giant dog kennel, constructed mainly out of wooden planks. It has a slight resemblance to the Dog House which all of Stampy's Dogs are kept in on the other side of his Lovely World. The inside of the kennel is filled with a dog course, with a start and finish line, and lots of obstacles fitted in. There is a raised balcony area overlooking the dog course, in which contains a list of all dogs, present and past. There is also a scoreboard for the fittest and fastest dogs to take part. The slowest dog was put in the Pick-A-Pet Pet Shop.


The aim of the game is to be the quickest dog to complete the course. The player (usually Stampy) stands at the starting line with his dog by his side. When the timer starts, Stampy runs around the track with the dog following. The dog can get distracted or get stuck at the various obstacles, but the rule is, they cannot teleport. Once the dog has crossed the finishing line, the timer is stopped and the time is recorded. Once all dogs have raced, the winner is the dog with the fastest time.

Tally Edit

First take Edit

Pet Time Episode taken
Aqua 53s Stampy's Wolf Pack
Barnaby 59s
Bengy 43s Lunar Friends
Benton 58s
Corey 1m 28s Radio Station
Duncan 47s Lunar Friends
Flippy 35s Pick A Pet
Fluffy 1m 15s
Gregory Jr. 1m 1s
L for Lee x 26s
Luna 38s Doghouse Race
Mittens 2m 15s
Sherbet 38s Stampy's Wolf Pack
Spring 57s

Fastest dog Edit

The fastest dog was Flippy, with a record time of just 35 seconds. Lee Mark II is the fastest to ever run on the course with a record time of just 26 seconds.

Slowest dogs Edit

Before Luna, Corey and Mittens were taken, Fluffy was the slowest dog with a record of 1 minute and 15 secs; therefore, she was put in the Pick-A-Pet pet shop. Later, Corey finished his run 13 seconds slower than Fluffy, making him the slowest dog. Mittens (a cat), on the other hand, finished her run in 2 minutes and 15 secs, making her the slowest pet to ever run on the course.

Second take Edit

Pet Time Episode taken
Barnaby 1m 18s Dog Day
Sherbet 1m 32s

Stampy attempted to run all the dogs (and Mittens) through the course, but unfortunately it didn't finish due to issues with the dogs not properly following. Only Barnaby and Sherbet participated.


  • The bottom-left corner of the building stood the former graves of The Arbiter and Sparky (Lee's dog). It was then removed (off-screen) because Stampy said that this game would double as a memorial.
  • By the time after it was built they have tested almost all of the dogs with it. 2 years after, it was reused to test Corey, Luna and Mittens.

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Minecraft Xbox - Dog Assault Course 107

The Episode in which the Dog Assault Course is featured

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