Tooth Fairy
Episode 236
Minecraft Xbox - Tooth Fairy 236

Minecraft Xbox - Tooth Fairy 236

Release Date October 8, 2014
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L for Lee x
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Tooth Fairy is the 236th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.


                          Stampy greets everyone in his bedroom and eats his cake from Lee, but Lee has bad morning breath so Stampy says he cannot go to the dentist today and he has to wash his mouth. Stampy and Lee later play the Hop and Splash MKII, Lee wins but Stampy fails on the last one, Stampy shouts at the game I hate this game which is really really funny. He then goes to the Love Garden to add Levi Raizola who made a Stampy Cat Dress, Lee and Stampy later go to the doghouse to take Sherbet which was chosen by Stampy. He later is sad about the dogs being unhappy, he then mentions that someone is controlling them and they are not like this usually. Stampy then goes to open the Loose Tooth Dentist but the Tooth Fairy is not here yet, but a few seconds later the Tooth Fairy flies over to the dentist and open the building officially. Lee won 2 games and Stampy won 1 game. So Lee won in the episode. Lee picked Sherbet and not Stampy. Lee successfully managed to complete the Hop and Splash game and Lee won the Loose Tooth Game because he shot all of his tooth.Stampy had 2 Tooth left but he won the Ugly Duck Fling Game picked by Lee. After that he ended the video.


  • Stampy hinted that Hit the Target would be returning soon saying: "I'm sure that there's something controling their minds."
  • Sherbet was actually being friendly which was quite rare for Stampys dogs.
  • For the first time in ages Lee picked a dog(Sherbet) not Stampy.
  • The person that played the Tooth Fairy used the Guardians of the Galaxy skin pack.
  • The person playing the Tooth Fairy is a helper and friend of Stampy.