The Theater is a building inside of Stampy's Lovely World.


Before it was the theater, it was a mountain, in which Stampy destroyed it to make way for the building. There were parts of the mountain that are still stand today; the hill beside the XP/Resource Farm became Harrison Hill and the huge one on the right became Harriott Hill. In a later video, a house that the Tooth Fairy lives is at a space which was a mountain before. Polly's House and the Lovely Inc. skyscraper would be later built at the vacant sides of the theater.


Interior of the theatre without the roof

It took a couple of episodes to finish it, but he makes progress outside the video but some parts of its construction can be seen on-camera. He also visits the Theatre to show the additions of it to the viewers.

It was finished on Episode 41, Completed Theatre.



The stage during a presentation.

The exterior of the building is entirely made out of smooth stone, while on the front of the building, it features a counter where patrons buy tickets, and a white roofing with Redstone lights flashing. The lobby is made out of birch wood and features some bars where guests can buy food and drinks. At the very end of the lobby is a door which leads to the hallway to the theatre, with restrooms on both sides of the staircase. Above the staircase is the theatre lobby, with doors and hallways leading to the theatre itself.

The main theatre is mainly made out of oak wood and wooden planks, with seats descending from the top to the bottom. The upper areas are the VIP seats. At the front of the theatre is the stage.

The backstage features a dressing room, a makeup room, and chests for the actors and actresses to store their things in. At the lower part of the theatre is the music room, where music is played for the show. They are all accessed by staircases at the sides of the stage. SPRUCE!!!!


It is located at the back of Stampy's House in front of the Love Garden.

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