This is the adventure map where Squid and Stampy go to find the Holy Grail. The map was built by MutantMarine.

Plot Edit

Part 1 Edit

Squid and Stampy start by introducing themselves and the main story line in the map. They start off by trying to find a cave nearby. When they get bored, they start exploring a town that is on fire. They find a sign stating there are survivors in another nearby cave. They find it and inside they find out a villain named Sin Claire set fire to the town and took a map pointing the exact location where the Holy Grail is. They find a secret passage that leads up to a castle and there is a fork in the road, pointing to Figaro Province or the castle, that turns out to be Sin Claire's castle. The duo explore, kill a bunch of monsters (Stampy calls them "googlies"), and basically, camp there. And steal the map of the Holy Grail.

Part 2 Edit

The duo head upstairs, only to find to their surprise, a helicopter, or a heli-chopper, as Squid would call it. Squid blows the cab apart, but sticks his head underneath the propeller still attached to part of the heli-chopper. Squid has a heli-chopper hat! They mess around a bit more and go off to Figaro Province and have another fork, either pointing to Duberry Forest or the library. They pick the library, find clues, and get a heart-attack from a googlie (creeper). They sleep in the library and in the morning, go to Duberry Forest. The duo enter the forest, find the hidden cave and start the adventure towards the Grail. (P.S. they get dogs as well, Dune and Berry and Cranberry.)

Part 3 Edit

The duo start off by Squid and Stampy playfully fighting, then Cranberry starts attacking Stampy. Stampy accidentally kills Cranberry and Squid shortly mourns him. Anyway, they start going through tough challenges, the toughest is the lava parkour. Squid makes it, however Stampy keeps dying. (Fortunately, they set a spawn and Squid hits Stampy when he wakes up.) They go on to find a lever to open the door leading on to the rest of the quest.

Part 4 Edit

The duo find the lever, find a button to another door, and have an almost peaceful boat ride. There's another lava parkour challenge and Stampy fools Squid, Squid steps on a pressure pad, and gets poisoned. They find the apparently dead body of Sin Claire and Stampy plays doctor. They try to find the correct pressure pad and Squid finds it. The duo receive the potion of Health Regeneration (the Holy Grail) and end the map.