What it is 1

Temple Track is a minigame in the Funland that tests players to place down tracks while riding on minecarts and gain points at the same time!

The game is set on a large open sandstone arena, which consists of two starting points marked by the familiar symbol from Temple Pit, a fountain in the middle, several ponds, and random patches of wool on the floor (including a bonus one to the side which is risky to gain), which are essential for the game.

How it is used 1

The game can be played for two players. Both players start at the marked starting points. When the round starts, the players both enter a minecart, and place tracks as they move along forward. They must aim to gain points by placing power rails/detector rails on patches of wool. They can be found around the arena, and different coloured wool, of course, corresponds to different points: brown wool consists of one point, while orange wool consists of two points. The game ends when a player tags his/her opponent, or when both of the players accidentally move backward after they make dead ends. The winner is with the most number of points gained.

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