Minecraft Xbox - Teleporter -359-

Minecraft Xbox - Teleporter -359-

The Teleporter is a sophisticated teleportation machine used in Stampy's Lovely World. It uses teleportation as a way of directly transporting players to different areas of the world, the first of its kind in Stampy's Lovely World. It was first used in Episode 359, Teleporter and has been a popular way of transport ever since.

History Edit

Before the Teleporter, the Tree Train was the fastest way of traveling in SLW. The Teleporter was first used in Episode 359, and ever since then it was Stampy's way of travelling to the Funland. The Tree Train then fell into decline since the new games and construction sites are now located farther inside the Funland, and was not used until the episode Lets Go Play (an April Fools Day joke). The Teleporter had some problems though, first it was only capable of bringing 2 peopls/animals, and it is vulnerable to Hit the Target's attacks, which can be shown in Episode 375, Evil Plan where Hit the Target altered the machine to trap Stampy, luckily none was harmed.

Teleporters Edit

Stampy's Secret Base Edit

This is the main hub of the Teleporter and where Stampy goes to teleport to go to the Funland. It is located in the underwater base underneath the small lake on Stampy's House. It can be accesible either through Stampy's hidden entrance or the water elevator going to the lake.

Funland Edit

All of the buttons of the Secret Base's Teleporter go to the Funland, but each of them are placed in different locations so that it can be closer to games and new construction sites.

Proposed Stops Edit

Although Stampy has no plan of adding more stops, there are still many chances of adding more in the future. If ever the Downtown area would expand and stretch further away, Stampy might have to make another one there. However, right now there seems to be no reason to build another one.

Behind the scenes Edit

In a deleted video by Stampy, it is shown how the teleporter would work for a normal Lovely World video. First, he enters the teleporter, closes the door, presses a button, and spins around. They then switch to creative mode and fly to one of the teleporters in the Funland. Finally, they both switch back to survival mode, then the helper hides while Stampy enters the teleporter and spins around, so it could be edited later to act as a continuity of the previous spin-around in the first teleporter.

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