Swift Swine (first announced as Speedy Swine) is a game in Stampy's Funland.


Speedy Swine

Speedy Swine

The walls of the track are mostly black. It is a massive building and located at the far end of the Funland beside the Circus. Inside are obstacles that the players with the pigs must pass in order to keep ahead in the race.


The goal of the game is to finish the race in first place. The game requires a pig (to race) and a carrot on a stick (to control the pig). If the carrot was eaten by the pig, there are spare ones outside the race, as well as the pigs. Players must start at the starting line and one player pulls the lever to start the race. The first obstacle is a stream of water, which is an easy obstacle where the players with pigs must pass but slowly. After that, the second obstacle is the ladders, where the players with pigs must climb up to the top. Then passes the bridge and after that, there are two options: the left side is fast but a longer rout e and the right are soulsands where you slowly pass them, which is the third obstacle. The fourth one is a set of Nether fences and when you pass a pressure plate, you will advance but the other players will not pass through. The final obstacle is when you pass through, a stream of water will flow towards you and will slow you down. The winner is the player who reaches first place.

For the race to be fair to all players, the first race was a normal race, then a 2v2 fight against the first and second placers against the third and fourth placers then the winning team will compete each other in a 1v1 fight and will reveal the champion.


There was an issue in the final obstacle where the water keeps streaming towards you even where there are no players to pass the worker. The way to fix this is a lever beside the track where it stops the water to flow.

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Minecraft Xbox- Speedy Swine [191]

Minecraft Xbox - Swift Swine 191

Minecraft Xbox - Swift Swine 191

Swift Swine
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