Episode 206
Minecraft Xbox - Surprise 206

Minecraft Xbox - Surprise 206

Release Date June 25, 2014
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L for Lee x
Choo Choo
Pets Chosen
All Dogs (Minus Gregory Jr.)
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Surprise is the 206th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.

Synopsis Edit

In this episode, they will go to Harrison Hill to prove his promise to Harrison.


The episode started, after Stampy introduces himself. Lee, Choo Choo, and ZShoot2KillZ appeared. They play the Fishing Rod Game, only Stampy got a score, which is on the blue block. Then, he goes to Kitty Cat Condo and the Dog House to get the dogs (minus Gregory Jr.) and Mittens.

After that, Stampy go to the Harrison Hill to celebrate. They attempt to create a track for Harrison to get him to the hill. After a successful try, Stampy accidentally hits Harrison's track and the track gone back on the shop.

After getting Harrison back, Stampy attempts to put Harrison on his hangout and successfully did it. The episode ends.


Helpers Edit

Pets Edit

  • All dogs (minus Gregory Jr.)
  • Mittens

Locations Edit

  • Stampy's House
  • Love Garden
  • Kitty Cat Condo
  • Harrison Hill
  • Doghouse

Game/s Edit

  • Fishing Rod Game

Trivia Edit

  • Stampy forgot Fluffy at the top of Harrison Hill after he told her to sit.
  • Last appearance of Larry Love.
  • It is possible that Larry Love was never mentioned again since he was forgotten by Stampy.


Minecraft Xbox- Surprise [206]

Minecraft Xbox - Surprise 206

Minecraft Xbox - Surprise 206

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