Stewpendus (episode)
Episode 531
Release Date July 8, 2017
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Helpers Appeared
Fizzy Elephant
Pets Chosen
People Added to the Love Garden
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Stewpendus is the 531st episode set inside Stampy's Lovely World. Stampy and Fizzy Elephant finish building the Stewpendus restaurant.

Plot Edit

Stampy started the video by greeting to the viewers and to Fizzy Elephant, who dressed up as William Beaver and came out from William Beaver's home. He ate cake, brought Barnaby, and went to the Love Garden and added TheBizzyKat, for making a Stampy cake using the guide from Stampy's Lovely Book. Fizzy continued to pretend as William, Polly Reindeer, and Stampy throughout the episode. They then went to the Stewpendus to continue building it. They have completely built the restaurant at the end. Near the end of the episode, Stampy mentioned of bringing back the Employee-of-the-Month mini-games, since he stopped doing them a long time ago due to them being one-off games and were removed after using them. He then ended the video.

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