Town, Stampy's Lovely World

Built by

Stampy Cat
William Beaver
Polly Reindeer
Fizzy Elephant

First Appearance

Squiggly Wiggly

Other Appearances

Souper, Stewpendus (episode)

Stewpendus is a restaurant built in Stampy's Lovely World.

Appearance Edit

The walls are mainly made out of orange and cyan concrete and orange, blue, and gray glazed terracotta, to give it a vibrant look. The glazed terracotta are carefully built to make patterns out of each colour. The front has a pathway leading to the archway, made out of the same materials. The start of the pathway has two pillars named "squiggly wigglies" which are made out of quartz stairs and slabs. The roof is made out of light blue glazed terracotta, which is carefully built to make a pattern too. There is also a feature built on the roofing, which is a cube made out of quartz, and cyan and light blue concrete, and is made to look like the pattern created in the middle of four light blue glazed terracotta. On the top of the feature is a window made out of light blue stained glass, which enters the sunlight from the sky to the building. The inside features a booth in the middle of the restaurant where stew is prepared, and large tables on each corner.

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