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Founded on 4 August 2013, the Stampylongnose Wiki is an encyclopedic resource of everything about Joseph Garrett (Stampy) that anyone can access and edit! Consume your time on thousands of pages from people, to characters and other facts as well as individual episodes and trivia!

Please note that Stampy does not visit nor does he have any involvement in this Wiki. Finally, beware of spoilers in some episode pages!

Please contact the wiki's staff if you have any questions!

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Joseph Garrett (born: 13 December 1990), better known online as Stampylongnose, Stampylonghead, Stampy Cat or simply Stampy, is an English gamer, author, voice actor and online personality who makes Let's Play videos on various family friendly video games. He is most commonly known for his playthrough of Minecraft, with his most popular series being Stampy's Lovely World.

As of March 2022, Stampy has over 10 million subscribers and 7 billion YouTube views, written two childrens books, been involved with television interviews, and voice acting in video games, and co-hosted a podcast.

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Sinking Feeling is the 124th episode of Stampy's Lovely World, and Stampy's most popular released video. In this episode, while planning to continue building Raindrops, Stampy ends up leading himself into a ship-based battle. Get to know more about the episode by clicking the link below!


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The celebration of the 10th anniversary Stampy's Lovely World may be over, but the adventure continues. In case you missed it, check out the special here.

For previously-featured news, see this page.


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