Stampy Shorts are a series of short videos that are filmed on Minecraft. Each episode follows a story which are all created by Stampy along with his set of friends. The stories are not associated with Stampy or the stampy character at all. Each video normally runs for 1-7 minutes.

Episodes Edit

# Episode Release date
1 Black Knight 3rd August 2013
2 My Piggy Wig 25th August 2013
3 Don't Press The Button 21st May 2016
4 Life of a Dirt Block 26th June 2016
5 Goodnight 7th August 2016
6 Rather Silly 4th September 2016
7 Not Alone 17th September 2016
8 Bed Bugs 16th October 2016
9 Here We Go Again... 13th November 2016
10 Different 29th January 2017
11 Who Is This Guy? 19th February 2017
12 Alone 10th October 2019
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