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Stampy's Lovely World
A Minecraft series by Stampy
Playthrough Information
Starring Stampy Cat
Let's Play Type Series
Run date(s) 19th May 2012 - 31st October 2018
Status Hiatus
Playlist Stampy's Lovely World Episode Playlist
Stampy Lovely World is Stampy's main world in Minecraft and the flagship series of the Stampylonghead channel. It is the longest-running series in the game and the channel itself.

The series is currently on hiatus as Garrett will temporarily stop making Minecraft videos. Focusing both on his novel and his studies and finding a platform where he will continue making videos when he returns are the reasons.


This is a sandbox series where Stampy and his friends, the Minecraft Helpers, build and play. All the buildings and mini-games are designed by Stampy, while he builds it with his helpers.

Stampy's House

Main Article: Stampy's House

Stampy's House is where Stampy lives, and is where almost every Lovely World episode starts. He has numerous areas and rooms inside his house, with his bedroom, the Love Garden, and the Dog House being the most notable and most visited ones.

Stampy's Bedroom

Main Article: Stampy's Bedroom

Stampy's bedroom is where he usually starts the video by going out the balcony, greeting his helpers, and eating a cake.

Love Garden

Main Article: Love Garden


The Love Garden is the shoutout area of the series and the stampylonghead channel itself, where Stampy adds one (or, sometimes, two or more) names that are fans of his for any reason such as fan arts, comments, etc. There are no set rules on how to be added, although the only rule is that any person is not allowed to ask to be added.

Dog House

Dog House

Main Article: Dog House

The Dog House is where all Stampy's Dogs are kept. Stampy currently has ten dogs including Barnaby, the oldest dog Stampy has kept alive.


Main Article: Downtown

The Town is where the majority of the buildings are built. It contains numerous shops and restaurants, with most of them having unique designs. It is continually growing and is expected to have more buildings built in the future.


Main Article: Funland

The Funland is a large amusement park inside the Lovely World, and is where mini-games are built and played. Originally just a large frozen lake, it was transformed into a mini-game area where Stampy and his helpers play anytime. Like the town, the Funland is continually growing and is expected to have more mini-games built in the future.


Minecraft Helpers

Main Article: Minecraft Helpers

Stampy has a set of friends called the Minecraft Helpers to assist him in constructing buildings and mini-games. They also play with Stampy in various mini-game tournaments and Employee of the Month mini-games. Stampy has currently three active helpers, William Beaver, Polly Reindeer, and Fizzy Elephant. These characters show different personalities, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Stampy used to have other Minecraft Helpers in the past including L for Lee x, Sqaishey Quack, and IBallisticSquid, but they stopped helping him back then.

Hit the Target and Veeva Dash

Main Articles: Hit the Target, Veeva Dash

In some episodes, Stampy and, sometimes, his helpers battle against Hit the Target and Veeva Dash, his archenemies. Hit the Target was one of his Minecraft Helpers back when Stampy just started the Lovely World series, but he turned evil somewhat by accident. From there, Hit the Target attacks Stampy until now, although the "real-life" Hit the Target doesn't play Minecraft anymore (it is now one of Stampy's helpers dressed up as Hit the Target). Currently, he is being assisted by Veeva Dash, who also been one of Stampy's Minecraft Helpers.

Lunar Friends

Main Article: Lunar Friends

The Lunar Friends are Stampy's friends who first appeared in Trip To The Moon, when Stampy flew to the moon for the first time. They have their own UFO, which is currently residing in the Lovely World. They once teamed up with Hit the Target when they rescued Hit the Target in a fight against Stampy, and when they attempted to kidnap Lee Bear.


Main Article: Harrison

Harrison is one of the villagers who live in the Lovely World, and is one of Stampy's neighbors. He used to be a zombie villager until Stampy cured him inside the Caring Cat Clinic in Episode 197 (Harrison). Harrison has his own house near Stampy's, which features a fancy room in his basement.


Main Article: Harriet

Harriott is a villager who lives in the Lovely World, and is also one of Stampy's neighbors. Like Harrison, she used to be a zombie villager until she was cured by Stampy and Lee in Episode 242 (Hose The Rose). She has her own house near Stampy's, in which, because of her love of hats, it features an actual hat shop in her basement.


Main Article: Santa

Santa is one of Stampy's friends who often visits they Lovely World every Christmas to send gifts to Stampy and his friends and pets. He also befriended the Lunar Friends during their trip to the Moon. He once became a victim of Hit the Target. Because of Santa, Stampy met Polly Reindeer and she became one of the current Minecraft Helpers.

Easter Bunny

Main Article: Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is one of Stampy's friends who appeared in the Easter episodes, often congratulating to Stampy for finding all the Easter eggs, or become Stampy's playmate. He was also notable for saving the Hotel of Dreams after an attempt of an explosion by Hit the Target.

Stampy's Dogs

Main Article: Stampy's Dogs

Stampy's Dogs (also known as the Wolf Pack) are a set of tamed wolves (or dogs) that are being taken care by Stampy. Whenever they are not picked for a video, they are kept inside their own Dog House built within Stampy's House. He currently has ten dogs, with Barnaby being the oldest dog alive in the pack.


Main Article: Mittens

Mittens is Stampy's first pet cat, and she was tamed in Episode 145 (Kitty Cat). She currently has a relationship with one of Stampy's dogs, Duncan, and she is often been taken along with Duncan, especially in the mini-game tournament episodes. She lives in her own treehouse, the Kitty Cat Condo, located near Stampy's House.

Lucky Cat

Main Article: Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat is Stampy's second pet cat, and he was tamed in the episode, Fortune Fountain. He lives in the Fortune Fountain casino, as Stampy believes that he brings good luck to the casino guests.


Main Article: Harry

Harry is Stampy's only horse, and he was tamed by Stampy's helpers in Episode 389 (Clay Oven). He wears a diamond horse armour that Santa gave to Stampy as a gift. Stampy dedicated the mini-game Harry Hops to him. He currently lives in his own hut outside the dog house, although he used to live in a small hut behind the Funland House and near the Clay Oven Pizzeria.


Main Series

Lovely World videos are being published every Saturday, with the exception of the important events (Halloween, Christmas, etc.); these videos can be published in any day of the week.

For a long time, the Lovely World videos were uploaded on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but the Wednesday slot was dropped and its spinoff, Stampy's Funland, took its place. This took effect after 6th August 2018.

On 9th October 2018, Garrett announced that he would temporarily stop uploading Minecraft content, which includes Lovely World and its spinoff, after Halloween Special 2018. He stated that YouTube is not currently his priority, as he is working with his novel and returning to college to pursue a course in Creative Writing (which also has to do with the novel). He also stated that while he still intends to continue both Minecraft series at some point in the future, he has to decide which platform he will be playing in the future since Legacy Console Edition (which includes the Xbox 360 Edition, the edition Stampy plays on) is discontinued after the release of Update Aquatic.

The final episode for the foreseeable future, Terror Trio, will premiere on 31st October 2018 at 5:00 PM (UK Time).

Episodes 1-31 are in private due to the fact that those videos were not family-friendly.


The world has been featured in videos of other YouTube channels.

  • BigBStatz toured the world in few episodes of Creative Cribs.
  • Finnball and his wife had a date in the Lovely World.
  • The world is featured in AmyLee33's first video where she and Stampy play games in the Funland.
  • When Stampy was featured in an episode of LionMaker's Crafting with Youtubers, Lion interviewed him inside of the world.

Top 10's

Stampy's Top 10 Hit The Target Videos

  1. Cat to the Future
  2. Ocean Adventure
  3. Egg Hunt
  4. Friends and Foes
  5. Sinking Feeling
  6. Hot Spot
  7. Evil Plan
  8. Brain Wave
  9. Fight In Flight
  10. Unexpected Drama

Stampy's Top 10 Redstone Contraptions

Limited to Lovely World only.

  1. Recycle Michael (Waste Place)
  2. Treadmill (Shoe 4 U)
  3. Fashion Sense
  4. Boingy Beaks
  5. Switch the Switch
  6. Coffee Contraption (Coffee Corner)
  7. Snack On Track
  8. Washing Machine (Clean Machine)
  9. Investigator
  10. Redstone Fire (Clay Oven)

Top 10 Hidden Moments From Stampy's Lovely World

  1. Veeva Dash's cameo in I Lost
  2. Remote Mind Vocalizers
  3. Veeva Dash's secret intentions
  4. Hit the Target's Tunnel
  5. Hit the Target's Hot Air Balloon cameos
  6. Oreo's face in the sky
  7. Seeing another Stampy at the beginning of the video (Cat to the Future)
  8. Lunar Friends' cameos
  9. Hit The Target's pre-appearance on Stampy's Security System (Gadgets)
  10. Hit The Target's Hauntings

Top 10 Seasonal Specials

  1. Ghost Stories
  2. Scary Movies
  3. Egg Hunt
  4. North Pole
  5. Easter Bunny
  6. Rewind
  7. Christmas In Space
  8. Jousting (Take 1)
  9. Secret Stories
  10. Funny Bunny

Top 10 Cool Minecraft Tricks

  1. Clay Oven at the namesake Pizzeria
  2. Reflections at Baa Baa Barber and Smart Art
  3. Panels of Water Effect at the Fountain
  4. Lifting items in a Glass Elevator at Waste Place and Sky High
  5. Treadmill at Shoe 4 U
  6. Secret Message at Polly-technic
  7. Chest Storage System at Tool Order
  8. Display Window at Hot Potato Restaurant
  9. Switching Tracks at Snack On Track
  10. Doggy Disco Floor

Top 10 Employee Of The Month Mini-Games

  1. Beat the Heat!
  2. Sheep Scramble
  3. Behind Bars
  4. Clock Climb
  5. Flying Fish
  6. I See You
  7. Feed at Speed
  8. Book Bounce
  9. Fizz Bang
  10. Make Music

Spin-off series

Main Article: Stampy's Funland (series)

Stampy announced a new series which will also set inside Stampy's Lovely World, but it will mainly contain episodes where he and his friends will play the existing Funland mini-games and rides. Unlike the main series, it will not feature the main rituals and traditions. It will be made as an answer to concerns that he does not play the other mini-games in a long time.

The series was later named simply as Stampy's Funland. The first episode was uploaded on 26th February 2018.


  • While the world is played on the original texture pack, Stampy once played it on both Plastic and Halloween texture packs.
  • Stampy's House made a cameo in the first ever episode of Wonder Quest.
  • There were two blank canvases of the Lovely World:
    • Stampy had a copy of a blank canvas of the world even before everything was built. It was used for the 100th episode, and was featured in a Behind The Scenes video.
    • A map which includes a blank canvas of the Lovely World was created by David Sheppard and his helpers and was made available for download. It also features buildings that were already built by themselves such as Stampy's House and the Creeper Coaster. The teaser video about it was noticed by Stampy and he posted it to Twitter.
  • Stampy imported a 2015 version of the Lovely World to the Better Together beta; however, there was a bug which caused the chunks to not appear, appearing that the world is destroyed.


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