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Stampy's Hot Buns is a shop in the Town of Stampy's Lovely World. It is notable for being the first shop built and also the most famous, due to the fact that this shop primarily showcases and sells cake.

History Edit

Stampy got the idea of building his first shop when he toured a world named Galaxy City. As the creator is a fan of him, he created a shop named "Stampy's Hot Buns" which primarily sold cake. Stampy got inspired from this and created a version of his own in his Lovely World. The construction of this shop lead to the start of his sprawling Town.

Appearance Edit

The building resembles a cottage with spruce wood as its walls and snow as its roof. The interior of the building has chests containing the items the shop sells: bread, cookies, and cake (of course). At the back is a counter. There is also a farm behind the building with the resources needed to craft the items.


  • It is often used when Stampy is speaking directly to the viewer in special occasions such as subscriber specials or events. This may be because it is essentially full of cake, mimicking the stereotype that cake is the main theme of Stampy's videos.
  • In Stampy's Top 10 Buildings in his Town video, he stated that Stampy's Hot Buns was his tenth favorite building in his whole town.

Featured Videos Edit

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