Stampy's Funland is the spin-off series of Stampy's Lovely World where Stampy and his friends play the existing mini-games built inside the Funland. This series was made from the request of his subscribers saying that he does not play the games that he already built.

Format[edit | edit source]

The series does not use the same format thereof to the main series, like his routines he does every time he starts an episode. It also features the Minecraft Helpers as well as other guests (for these other guests, they also have commentary aside from Stampy) as opposed to the main series where Stampy only speaks throughout the video. The videos are uploaded every Wednesday.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode name Release Date of Original Playthrough Upload date Guests appeared
Temple Trap 14th May 2016 26th February 2018 William Beaver, Polly Reindeer, Fizzy Elephant
Golf Course 12th December 2012 5th March 2018 Sqaishey Quack
Tool Trade 1st June 2016 12th March 2018 William Beaver, Polly Reindeer, Fizzy Elephant
Water Rush 23rd October 2013 19th March 2018
Gold Grab 5th July 2014 26th March 2018 Sqaishey Quack
Maze Master 13th June 2015 2nd April 2018 William Beaver, Polly Reindeer, Fizzy Elephant
Shear Fun 29th May 2013 9th April 2018
Bouncy Boats 8th January 2014 16th April 2018
Turbo Types 12th February 2014 23th April 2018 Sqaishey Quack
Castle Crumble 8th August 2015 30th April 2018
Douse the House 7th May 2018
All Funland Rides! 26th January 2013
9th March 2013
6th April 2013
5th October 2013
18th November 2013
23rd September 2015
14th May 2018 N/A (Solo gameplay)
Mole Hole 7th March 2015 21th May 2018 William Beaver, Polly Reindeer, Fizzy Elephant
Doggy Hockey 27th September 2014 28th May 2018 Sqaishey Quack
Cart Count 6th May 2017 4th June 2018 William Beaver, Fizzy Elephant
Jump In 27th September 2017 11th June 2018
Dodge 'n' Drop 19th November 2016 18th June 2018 Sqaishey Quack
Flower Power 7th September 2013 25th June 2018 William Beaver, Polly Reindeer, Fizzy Elephant
Chicken Trail 11th November 2015 2nd July 2018 Sqaishey Quack
Cat and Mice 5th April 2014 9th July 2018 William Beaver, Polly Reindeer, Fizzy Elephant
Brick Breaker 2nd March 2016 16th July 2018 Fizzy Elephant
Investigator 8th July 2015 23rd July 2018 Polly Reindeer
Risk It 17th February 2018 30th July 2018 William Beaver, Polly Reindeer, Fizzy Elephant
Flop 26th February 2014 8th August 2018 Polly Reindeer
Pig Pong 5th September 2015 15th August 2018 Fizzy Elephant
Bury Berry 25th January 2014 22th August 2018 William Beaver
Rule the Duel 4th April 2015 30th August 2018 Polly Reindeer
Fish Me a Dish 17 July 2013 8th September 2018 William Beaver
Pirate Plunder 3rd September 2016 13th September 2018 William Beaver, Polly Reindeer, Fizzy Elephant
Fire and Water 28th June 2017 20th September 2018 Sqaishey Quack
Slime Time 3rd February 2016 4th October 2018
Snow Throw 15th March 2014 11th October 2018 Polly Reindeer
Pretty Duck Fling 13th February 2013 18th October 2018 Fizzy Elephant
Fairy Lights 5th December 2015 25th October 2018 Polly Reindeer
Drenched 24th May 2017 4th November 2018 Fizzy Elephant
Temple Pit 30th May 2018 10th November 2019 iBallisticSquid

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • So far, Sqaishey Quack and iBallisticSquid have been the only guests aside from the Minecraft Helpers to appear in the series.
  • The series is currently on hiatus for a year since November 2018 as Garrett stepped back from making videos as he is focused on both his novel and his studies.
    • He uploaded a single video in November 2019, with iBallisticSquid as guest.
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