Stampy's First Shelter



Harriott Hill


William Beaver
Stampy (formerly)

Built by

Naturally generated

First Appearance

Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World

Other Appearances

Almost every episode

Stampy's Lovely Shelter (now also William Beaver's home) is a cave near a cliff, and was the first inhabited space of Stampy's Lovely World. Today, that cliff is seen every episode from the balcony of Stampy's Bedroom.


Stampy created his first home in Episode 1, Welcome to Stampy's Lovely World. Stampy mined a few blocks to keep shelter at night, placing a crafting table and bed, and going to sleep. Due to the bug involving beds at the time, Stampy experienced glitches where mobs would spawn while he was asleep. Near the end of Episode 1, He removed all the things inside of the shelter and built a proper house in the following episode.

On Episode 200, Lovely World Tribute, he recalled all the times he had in Stampy's Lovely World, including from the start, in this shelter.

Today, his old holdout is now part of Harriott Hill, the place where Harriott currently lives.

In Episode 300, Stampy toured it.

In Episode 356, William Beaver revealed that he now lives in the old shelter.

In Episode 400, He toured it again, now as William Beaver's home.