Stampy's Clubhouse



Stampy's House, Stampy's Lovely World

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Stampy Cat

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Stampy's Club House

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All Christmas episodes


Stampy's Clubhouse is a big area on Stampy's House where parties are held.


It is one of the largest areas in Stampy's House. There is also a DJ Music Set (in-charged by Longbow X99), a Snack Bar and a Drink Cell (Stampy puts bookshelves because he said that they look like "drinks"). Under the Drink Cell is a little storage room where he stores other food to be served. There are also tables and seats, one table is used to put the Christmas tree every Christmas. Guilty Bark died here before it was built and his grave is at the corner of the clubhouse. There is a door that leads to the F1-like car.

Trivia Edit

  • Every time a party is held, either Longbow or Squid is the DJ.
  • Every night, all of the dogs that have passed away go in the clubhouse and dance. This was seen in the Halloween Special Ghost Stories. For more ghost info, click the word 'ghost'.
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