Stampy's 1st House



Near Rocket Ship & Airport


Stampy Cat (formerly)

Built by

Stampy Cat

First Appearance

Stampy's First Home

Other Appearances

Everything, Helicopter

Minecraft - Stampy's First Home 2

Minecraft - Stampy's First Home 2

Stampy's 1st House is the oldest freestanding, constructed structure in Stampy's Lovely World.

In Episode 2, Stampy decided to build a better and a safer shelter to have a rest into while he is exploring the rest of Stampy's Lovely World. Because of this, his first proper house was built.

He only lived at this house few times, as he was building a newer, bigger house - the house that Stampy lives in to this day.



Appearance and history Edit

The house is only made out of oak planks and cobblestone. He even made it out of dirt when he first built it because he thought (incorrectly) that helacked on oak planks, but he has improved it since. The inside of the house has a bed, a painting, a crafting table, two chests, and some torches.

Present condition Edit

The house remains unchanged since Stampy improved the house early on. All the stuff he left from his very first adventure are still kept. However, the CD Trap, which was built beside the house, was removed to give way for the runway of the Airport.

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