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Disambiguation: The article pertains to the Minecraft character. For the channel, see Stampylongnose. For the person who controls Stampy, see Joseph Garrett.

Stampylongnose, commonly known as Stampy Cat or simply Stampy, is the main protagonist of Stampy's Lovely World, Wonder Quest, and the entirety of his Let's Play of Minecraft. He is physically described as an "orange and white cat".


The skin that the character is most associated with is from the video game character Fidget of Dust: An Elysian Tail, and not a cat like popularly believed. This skin originally came from The Summer of Arcade promotional skin pack and was exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, but was later included in Skin Pack 4 for the Xbox One edition.



The term "Stampy" was used even prior to the creation of the current character. Joseph Garrett first used the term as one of his characters in an animation that he made. This was where he got the "stampylonghead" name. For not directly confirmed reasons (though hinted to be a nod to Joseph's physical appearance, mentioned in the "From Then to Now" 1M sub special), he ended up changing it to "stampylongnose" - the latter term that would later become the name of his main channel and, later, the long form of his Minecraft username.

Stampy's Lovely World

Stampy is the first ever character to appear in the series as well as the namesake of his first ever Minecraft world. The current and most well-known skin first appeared in the series in the episode, "Making A House A Home", having equipped for the first time in its previous episode, "Teamwork" (not filmed in his Lovely World).

He is the leader of his Minecraft Helpers and the proud owner of nine dogs (wolves), two cats (formerly ocelots), a horse and an axolotl.

Stampy is shown to be very creative and clever, making new builds as often as he can. Usually they go towards the Funland, but he does occasionally build in his town.


  • Stampy loves eating cake. He dreamed of a world of cake in the episode Lovely Waterfall and started eating cake for breakfast in the episode Giant Fish Bowl, which is a continued tradition to this day.
  • Stampy has a very specific morning routine when he wakes up, following it nearly perfectly every episode.
    • He starts his routine in the furthest back-right corner of his room, nearby the painting.
    • He walks onto the balcony, waving to his helpers and wishing them a good morning, often starting with William, then Polly and Fizzy, though, if one or more are missing, they are skipped over.
      • In earlier episodes, he instead tells the viewers who he's going to be joined by, listing off gamertags.
    • He goes to eat his breakfast cake, which from 340 and onward is situated in the front-right corner of his room.
    • He then tells Barnaby to stand up and heads off to the Love Garden, adding someone on a sign and showing off something they made for him..
    • From then on, he will either grab a new dog to join him, grab Duncan and Mittens together (and proceeding to jump from Mitten's tree into the water), or take Barnaby with him for the rest of the episode.
  • Stampy admits that he is bad at shooting arrows.
  • Dean Dodrill, the creator of Dust: An Elysian Tail, acknowledged Joseph's use of Fidget for the Stampy character after he read Garrett's success story from BBC.[1]
  • He's often seen wearing iron boots, nicknamed to be his "Stampy Style" boots. They're also seen in his Wonderquest and I Wonder design, although with a new bright red vest.


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