Space Den
A Minecraft series by Stampy
Space Den 1
Playthrough Information
Starring Stampy Cat
Let's Play Type Series
Run date(s) 13th December 2019 - present
Status Ongoing
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Space Den is a series by Stampylongnose and Sqaishey Quack and is the fourth installment in the Den series after Sky Den, Cave Den and Ocean Den.

History Edit

Near the end of the final episode of Ocean Den, Stampy mentioned that they would do a sequel to Ocean Den, although it would not be broadcast right away. It was at this time that he slowed down in uploading videos as he focused on developing his novel series.

On the day of the first episode's premiere (which also coincided with Stampy's birthday), the duo teased on their Twitter page that a video would be uploaded on Stampy's channel by 5PM (UK Time). That video was uploaded few hours later, which turned out to be a new Den series named Space Den.

Overview Edit

Like every 'Den' series, Stampy is joined by Sqaishey. They go on adventures around the map to discover new places, complete tasks and make the moon their home.

Locations Edit

  • Moon
    • Spawn
    • Rocket Ship
    • Space Base
    • Spaceships Parkour
    • Launch Pad
    • Robot Factory
    • House Pods
    • Den Den
    • Car Park
    • Grass Race
  • Teapot Rocket
    • Brewing Lab
  • The planet with a Boat
    • House
  • Material Planets
  • Turtle Planet
    • Village
  • The planet with Holes and Diamonds
  • Giant Button
  • Alien (Endermen) UFO
    • Cloning Room
    • End Portal
  • Blaze Island

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

EP# Title Release Description Notes
1 On The Moon 13th December 2019 Stampy, Sqaishey and Kevin introduce themselves to Space Den and set out on their first mission. This is the first Space Den Episode.
2 Strange Discovery 18th December 2019 Stampy and Sqaishey set up their crop and tree farms and explore part of the moon.
3 Robot Factory 22nd December 2019 Stampy and Sqaishey explore a robot factory in search of the “space wings” (elytra). Kevin is noticeably absent in this video due to “personal reasons”, according to Stampy in a comment.
4 Space Base 26th December 2019 Stampy and Sqaishey build their lunar base.
5 Teapot Rocket 29th December 2019 On their first adventure day, Stampy and Sqaishey battle against space invaders who took control of a teapot-shaped rocket ship. This is the last episode of Space Den in 2019.
6 caR pArK?!?! No wAy!!!! 3rd January 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey build parking spaces for their buggies. This is the first episode of Space Den in 2020.

Stampy records this video in 720p as a throwback to his previous videos, where he used to record at the given video quality rate.

7 Making Friends 9th January 2020 On their second adventure day, Stampy and Sqaishey create new friends for a lonely woman.
8 Special Episode 14th January 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey build a tower so that they can launch their elytra easier. The video features new transitions.
9 Diseased Sheep Special! 18th January 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey build a giant target.This is the second "special" Space Den episode.
10 Giant Turtle 25th January 2020 On their third adventure day, Stampy and Sqaishey find a giant turtle.
11 Animal Experiments 30th January 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey attempt to teleport foxes back to their home.
12 Pee Pot 11th Febuary 2020 Stampy performs another attempt to teleport foxes back to his and Sqaishey's home, and builds a 'pee pot'. The first half of the episode consists of a re-enactment of the unreleased 12th episode.
13 Giving hugs 22nd Febuary 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey discover a new planet and discover a strange glitch.
14 Back Flaps 29th February 2020 backflaps look at the back of stampys skin.
15 #House Pods 7th March 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey have a race ending up with Stampy dying and getting 'Zombie Arms'. He soon discovers he can dab now and makes jokes about it with Sqaishey.
16 I‘m A Tongue! 14th March 2020 stampy lies in a bed and is a tongue.
17 Barky Bum 21st March 2020 kevin have bark on his bum.
18 Whoops! 28th March 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey suspect somethings wrong with "Kevin". Meanwhile, Stampy tries to get an enchanting table while Sqaishey digs the Den-Den for Boof-Snoof.
19 Den Den 4th April 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey make a den den for boof-snoof and Kevin is an alien named Nivek.
20 Space Cows! (Again) 11th April 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey go to a"Psychedelic planet" with space cows and an "Evil purple bed" Note: The space cows are most likely the same space cows from Ocean Den.
21 Buggy Hide And Seek 18th April 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey play rounds of Hide and Seek around the moon.
22 Advanced Cocoa Bean Farm Guide 25th April 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey reveal the best way to farm cocoa beans.
23 Grass Race Goes Higher 2nd May 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey laugh about misheard lyrics and build their new idea for Grass Race.
24 Proper Blocks 9th May 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey build the Grass Race Trophy and joke about Proper Blocks, their own rip-off of Minecraft.
25 You Died Show! 16th May 2020 Sqaishey and Stampy put on the You Died Show, Sqaishey has an appointment and they both realise 10 stacks more of gold are needed for the Grass Race trophy. This features season 1 of the you died show.
26 Big Button 23rd May 2020 A big button and a Planet made of gold and emeralds are found and Stampy and Sqaishey decide on which planet will be the grass race winner’s planet. This features season 2 of the you died show.
27 Who Farted? 30th May 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey continued to build the Grass Race Trophy while they occasionally made fart noises.
28 Lackadaisical 6th June 2020 Sqaishey builds a bowl for cereal, Stampy builds a hover pod for Kevin, and together they devise a plan to save Kevin.
29 Rescue Mission 13th June 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey go on an important mission to rescue Kevin from the evil endermen and Bevin.
30 Going In Hot 20th June 2020 Part two of the important mission to rescue Kevin from the evil endermen and Bevin. They also gathered eyes of enders to go to the End. This is the episode where Kevin is successfully rescued back to the moon.
31 Pro Phantom Killer 27th June 2020 The two go on an adventure to gather diamonds from the Big Button, while Sqaishey explains her "e-sport team" the Phantom Killers.
  • This episode marks the start of Grass Race 2020.
  • Official 'Phantom Killer' Merchandise was released with the episode.
32 No Moustache 4th July 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey defeat the Ender Dragon, while they play with timers and other editing effects.
33 An Awful Mistake 11th July 2020 The two tries to get iron for an anvil to name Boof-Snoof and set him free, during which Stampy kills an iron golem and is told off by Sqaishey.
34 Moths Before Goths 18th July 2020 Stampy is on house arrest and Sqaishey tells him to walk the plank. However, Sqaishey ends up walking the plank too, as a punishment for killing David in Sky Den. This is the first ever episode in Space Den when Stampy doesn't do his intro.
35 Advanced Tick Rate Machine for Experts 25th July 2020 The duo builds an "Advanced Tick Rate Machine" to speed up the grass race.
36 Magical Moment! 1st August 2020 The duo have another adventure day where they explore a fish bowl like planet. In this episode, Kevin wears 'Air Pods'.
37 Mad Stunts 8th August 2020 Stampy and Sqaishey try out some stunts that they made up.
38 What Is This Thing?! 15th August 2020 Stampy And Sqaishey found and played around a weird thing.
39 The thing in the nether, you know? The castle thing, down there! 22nd August 2020 The two explains a previously built nether portal-cinema, and then find a bastion remnant to gather blackstone as well as other goods. Stampy also experiments with a bowl. There was a previous episode (for which the footage was lost) that included the two building a cinema with a nether portal (initially round, but then square. also episode 12 was also lost.
40 I shouldn't have spawned that... 29th August 2020 Stampy accidentally spawns lots of zombies which he and Sqaishey have to defeat. A boost pad sends the two flying.
41 Not A Pokeball 19th September 2020 Nearing the first checkpoint on the grass race, the two set out to build their idea for the next episode, hoping they'll win. The "Pokeball" mentioned is Stampy's Pun-off arena, Sqaishey builds a frog role play and battle area.

Trivia Edit

  • The map was created by Adam Clarke along with a set of helpers.
  • Unlike the previous installments in the Den series which were played on the Xbox Console Editions of Minecraft, Space Den is played on the Bedrock edition, making it the first Minecraft series to be played entirely on that edition.
  • During the development of the series, Stampy was the one who had overseen the world while it was still being created. Sqaishey did not know the series until the first episode.
  • This is the first Den to feature a handful of textured items.
  • This Den series marks the shortest time Stampy and Sqaishey defeated the Ender dragon, defeating it 32 episodes in. The second shortest time was in its predecessor, Ocean Den, in Episode 70. Sky Den is third with them defeating it in Episode 89, and last is Cave Den, where they did so in episode 100.
  • At the beginning of the series, there was an imposter pretending to be Kevin, named Nivek.

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