Space Berries
Episode 345
Minecraft Xbox - Space Berries -345-

Minecraft Xbox - Space Berries -345-

Release Date October 10th, 2015
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Space Berries is the 345th episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World.

Synopsis Edit

Stampy begins building his Bury Berry 2 game, based on the original Bury Berry.

Plot Edit

Stampy greets the viewers as usual and introduces that he will be joined by Sqaishey and Veeva Dash. He tastes his cake, but says it tastes a bit like soap. Then, Stampy and the helpers go over the the Love Garden and add CJ for making a Stampy Cat bow tie and wearing it on a cruise. He doesn't go to the doghouse, because he selects Barnaby to join him and he is already with Stampy. They then run over to the Funland to begin building Bury Berry 2. In the game, he uses a glitch where you can see through blocks to allow players to spot the berries. He, Sqaishey and Veeva build a lot of the game, then end the episode as usual.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox - Space Berries -345-

Minecraft Xbox - Space Berries -345-

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