Episode 530
Release Date July 5, 2017
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William Beaver
Polly Reindeer
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Souper is the 530th episode set inside Stampy's Lovely World. Stampy and his helpers continue building the Stewpendus restaurant.

Plot Edit

While Stampy greeted the viewers and to his helpers, he talked about the "valuable use of torches" - noting that the objects near them would not burn. He ate cake, brought Barnaby, and went to the Love Garden and added Cameron and Caden, for creating a Stampy Cat statue. He then went to the Dog House and picked Bengy, and they all went to the Stewpendus restaurant and continued building it. So far, they finished the roofing as well as the feature at the top. After they built the roofing, they played a round of Spontaneous Spleef to remove the grassy floor, and Stampy ended the video.

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