Snow Throw is a game in Stampy's Funland. It was built by Stampy and L for Leeee x, on Episodes 176 and 177.


There is a house made out of wool surrounded by fences. There are three windows and also a booth, where there are 3 buttons. Each button will open a window.


This game is for 2 people; one person will be in the booth, pressing the buttons and opening the windows. Every time a window opens, the person in the booth will get a Gold Nugget. The other person shoots snowballs through the windows when they are opened. Once that the player shoots a snowball through one of the windows, the player in the booth can't open that window again, and so on until the person in the booth can't open any more windows. The players then swap roles, and whoever has the most Gold Nuggets at the end wins.

Trivia Edit

  • Squid is usually very good at this game, as in the tournament, he only allowed Stampy to get 4 gold nuggets.Squid won the tournament and Then he chose Bouncy Boats to play.
  • In the tournament, Lee accidently threw an Ender Pearl once.

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