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Shoe 4 U




Across the street from the Waste Place

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Shoe Shop

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Shoe 4 U is the shoe shop in Stampy's Lovely World. The construction started in the episode, Shoe Shop and was finished in Shoe 4 U.

Interior Edit

Shoe 4 U has a shoe shelf that includes many different types of shoes, and a counter with a door that leads into the shoe storage room. Next to the counter, is a cat walk made out of redstone lamps to test out how good-looking a pair of shoes is. Next to the cat walk, is a puddle with a diving board to test how good shoes are at splashing in puddles. Next to the puddle, is a working treadmill to test how good shoes are at walking in.

Location Edit

The Shoe 4 U shoe shop is located across the street from the Waste Place.

Staff Edit

Shoppers Edit

  • Anyone (Determinants)
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