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Sherbet is one of Stampy's Dogs. He was born in episode 109 and is the second fastest dog on Stampy's Dog Assault Course. He has an orange collar. It was last taken in this episode, "Pointless".


Aqua (mother) ✝️

Spring (father) ✝️


Sherbet was born in Episode 109, "Stampy's Wolf Pack". Aqua and Spring were his parents, but they sadly died in different episodes. Later on in the video, Stampy noticed a puppy with a red collar.

At the end of Episode 109, Stampy saw that the puppy was at the course and named the puppy Sherbet. He then took Sherbet on the Assault Course as he held a record of 38 seconds, which was later beat by Flippy, who completed the course in 35 seconds.


Sherbet now currently lives with the other dogs as an adult. However, both of his parents (Aqua and Spring) have since died. He was born on August 7, 2013.


  • Sherbet is the only dog that is featured in a film.
  • In an episode called Pig Race, Sherbet was accidentally set on fire. Luckily, he was saved, but his fur then turned from a shiny white to an ashy gray.
    • When Stampy noticed Sherbet was set on fire, Stampy accidentally thought that he was Fluffy.
  • When Stampy wanted to sit down Sherbet, he accidentally called him Barnaby.
  • Sqaishey accidentally hits Sherbet causing Stampy to feed Sherbet a porkchop, as seen on Episode 244 of School Day.
  • Sherbet is known for his shiny fur and received a bar of gold on Christmas.
    • However, his fur is now covered in ash due to his bout with pyrotechnics.
  • Sherbet is in charge of the food supply in Stampy Inc.
  • Both his parents drowned.

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