Sheep Shuffle is a game in the Funland.


As we see throughout the two builts featuring it, it looks like the predecessor Sheep Scramble. The walls are made of different colors: blue, yellow, green and red. On the inside, there is a sheep face by the center and, of course, the sheep.


This is a memory game and can be played for 2 or more players. The player must be on the center of the game while another player must shear the sheep with shears. The main player must remember the colours of their fur. As the game starts, the player tries to put the sheep in their right colours using wheat (to follow) and lead (to tie them up to prevent them from wandering around). The round ends when the player is sure if he/she puts the sheep in their right places. The players wait for a long time and a player counts the right sheep and round goes to the next player. The game ends when all players have done it, and whoever gets the highest points in the game is the winner.


  • Sheep Shuffle is same to Sheep Scramble (in terms of mechanics), but the designs were only changed.
    • Sheep Scramble is covered by fences, while this game is covered with coloured walls instead.
    • In Sheep Scramble, fences with sticky pistons under it were used to prevent the sheep from escaping. However, because problems were encountered in this part, in this game, leads are now used.
Sheep Shuffle (game)
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