Sharky Shark is a game in Stampy's Funland. Construction started on Episode 222 and finished on the succeeding video.


The whole game is set outside. There are two boats, one made of spruce planks and has an orange-white combo flag, to represent Stampy's skin while the other boat is made of birch planks and has a green-black flag, to represent Choo Choo's skin. There are a load of normal rails and powered rails while in the center, there is a minecart (imagine that it is a shark) is put. The walls are made of blue and light-blue wool. The two boats are tiny as the first episodes says that, this is one of the new minigames in the new district of the funland norht of the pew pew shooting range.


The aim of the game is to fling the minecart (shark) to his/her boat. Players will have fishing rods to fling the minecart. They have to fling to try to get to their boat and whoever get the minecart to the boat, wins.


The game ranked #3 in Stampy's Top 10 Mini-Games.


  • Stampy denoted that the birch-made boat was a "lucky boat" because the players in there always win.
  • In Episode 240, the spruce-made boat made its first win after he and Choo Choo won.
Sharky Shark
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