Saving Santa
Episode 154
Saving Santa
Release Date December 25, 2013
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Santa (misspelled as Saanta)
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Saving Santa is the 154th episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy is very excited to celebrate Christmas Day with his friends. He puts stockings and even builds a Christmas Tree. Next Morning, he notices that Santa hasn't left any presents or anything! Disappointed, He looked outside for any presents. There, He sees Santa Claus injured. "What am I going to do", Stampy thought. He knew what he had to do so he went to his bedroom. He got his Lunar Cheese Apple from the item frame and gave it to Santa to eat. Christmas was saved. Stampy went to his Clubhouse and partied and lived a very happy life.

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Trivia Edit

  • He used the apple that his Lunar Friends gave him.
  • It Apears that Ank Was killed by a dog twoards the end for the second christmas in a row. However it is unknown which dog killed him or why.
  • Stampy mispelled Santa's name in the love garden for the second time.


Minecraft Xbox- Saving Santa [154]

Minecraft Xbox - Saving Santa 154-2

Minecraft Xbox - Saving Santa 154-2

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