Rule the Duel is a mini-game played in his Funland . He worked on for 3 episodes and is shaped like an arrow. 


The aim of the game is the one who shoots the minecart first. The players must get a minecart, a bow and many arrows and choose their side (red or green) where they will put the minecart and press the button, but it doesn't mean that the game officially starts. Once you are at the upper level, you need to push another button to set both of your minecarts off (if you're at the red side). Once you ramped down at the lower level, you need to try and shoot your opponent's minecart to win the game. If both of you miss to shoot the other, you will be transported up back to the starting point where you need to press the button again. BUT BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR OWN. If you shoot your own minecart for unknown reasons, it's you out and your opponent will win.

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Rule the Duel
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