Road Hog is a game in the Funland.


The game is set on a glass maze. There are two teams: Blue and Red team. Both have a starting point on their bases and once they go, there are many paths that leads to the opponent's side. In chests they contain levers (only located near the starting point). There is also a basement where they control their pig using wheat. Like the maze, it also has a starting point so they would not cheat and there is a lever on the blue team where he/she will lower the wool on both teams and start the game. Hidden on the lower black wool, there is glowstone behind it so when the black wool is down, it means they're first.

On the other hand, the redstone mechanisms are relatively simple. He introduced a mechanism in which you place redstone dust above the block and a redstone torch beside it to make it go down easily without having loads of redstone dust. Then there are normal redstone mechs behind the walls of the basement.


The game needs two players per team, one is to ride the pig and collect and place the levers in their bases and the other is to control the pig using wheat below the maze. Once the game starts, the player on the basement has to control their pig using carrots (by that time it was built before an update, it uses wheat.) Once the second player controls he's pig to the opponent's base, they need to get the levers on the chests on both sides. Then they have to go back to their base to place and switch the two levers. The winner is whoever appears the glowstone first in the basement.


Stampy said in one video that the game doesn't work anymore due to the new way pigs behave. Pigs don't follow carrots anymore.

It was ranked #9 in Stampy's Top 10 Broken Mini-games.

Road Hog
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