Risk It is a mini-game built inside the Funland.

Appearance Edit

The game consists of a board game-like play area consisting of several platforms, including one in the middle where the player starts. The play area is built and measured to how far the teleportation would take effect. The platforms are raised from a black pit, and are surrounded by glowstone. At the back of the play area is a score board, where the players keep track of their score using concrete powder, with colours green, red, blue and orange. There is also a lever beside it where all of the concrete powder would be removed instantly by destroying them by torches, then collecting by hoppers which lead to a chest for storage. Near the game's entrance are four buttons in which, when pressed, sends a block of concrete powder down.

How it is played Edit

It is a game of luck and can be played for two to four players. The goal of the game is to score ten points at the end of the round. Players take turns in eating a chorus fruit which make them teleport themselves anywhere in the play area. When the player lands in one of the platforms, he/she gets a point depending on the colour. Purple platforms are worth a single point, while magenta and pink platforms (the rarest to land, as it is placed in the same platform the player starts) are worth two and three points, respectively. The player can go on multiple tries in a single turn, risking his/her progress, specifically the points the player earns. If the player lands on the black pit, the player loses the points he gained on his/her turn. If the player lands on the glowstone (the farthest the player eating a chorus fruit can teleport), he/she loses all his/her points in the round, thus resetting the player's progress. Once the player's turn is over, the player presses the button of his/her representing colour to drop down block(s) of concrete powder to keep track of the score. The winner is declared when one of the players reach ten points first.

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