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Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, more known collectively as Rhett & Link, are a popular Internet comedy duo known for their viral videos and commercials, their daily morning web show Good Mythical Morning, their podcast Ear Biscuits, and their YouTube Premium show, Buddy System. They are known to be close friends ever since first grade.

Association with Stampy

Their association with Stampy started in 2015 when they invited him to be a guest in an episode of their daily morning show, Good Mythical Morning, where the duo were challenged in a Minecraft knowledge quiz set up by Stampy. Stampy was also featured in an episode of Ear Biscuits, where they discussed his career and the creative process that goes into his videos, his new show at the time, Wonder Quest, and how his love of gaming lead him into a real-life romance with Sqaishey Quack (who also appeared by the end of the podcast).

Rhett & Link collaborated again with Stampy in 2016 as they lent their voices to the characters Thomas Edison and William Hammer, respectively, in the second season of Wonder Quest (episode 22).


Rhett and Link have several channels. Good Mythical Morning, their daily morning show, commonly known as GMM, Good Mythical MORE, the channel they use for "the show after the show," Rhett & Link, what used to be their main channel to which they posted music videos and sketches, Ear Biscuits, their podcast, Mythical Kitchen, a cooking channel hosted by the Mythical Chefs and Mythical Bits, a channel dedicated to their short-length sketches.

They also own the Smosh brand and its channels (Smosh, Smosh Pit, Smosh Games, SmoshCast and ElSmosh) since 2019, as they were acquired following the shutdown of its former parent company, Defy Media.


  • Before Stampy's appearance on Good Mythical Morning, both Stampy and the duo had met during the MIPTV television industry conference (the same event where Stampy first announced Wonder Quest) in France in April 2014. They even got a photo together as shown in the episode, "Rhett and Link in France".
    • Stampy posted a comment on the episode. He said, "It was great meeting you guys. Looks like you had an amazing trip to France. I wish I could have stayed for longer."
    • They made a reference on their first meet-up in Stampy's guest appearance on Ear Biscuits.
  • Stampy also posted a comment on another Good Mythical Morning episode, titled "Cake vs. Pie: Debate-o-Rama". He said, "There are few things better than cake, including pie." It received over a thousand likes.
  • Rhett and Link's children were big fans of Stampy, which was why he was invited to the show.