Episode 455
Release Date October 14, 2018
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Polly Reindeer
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Minecraft Xbox - Revenge -455-

Minecraft Xbox - Revenge -455-

Revenge is the 455th episode in Stampy's Lovely World, the helpers in this episode are just Polly Reindeer and the dog chosen was Barnaby. They finish Polly's house but have to deal with an unexpected battle with a familiar duo.

Plot Edit

Just like every episode, he starts out his videos looking over the balcony and eating cake. He then heads to the Love Garden to add Dolph for drawing a picture called Stampy's Last Battle, he then heads to Polly's house to start and finish the interior of the house, he creates the dining room, library, bedroom, upstairs area, and the balcony. Stampy and Polly then go outside to take a look at the newly finished house, suddenly, a red beam shoots down on Polly's home, moments later almost the entire house blew up, and then catching fire, Stampy desperately tries putting out the fire, but it was no use. Stampy realizes this must be Hit the Target and Veeva Dash's plan of destroying his Lovely World, Stampy quickly heads to the dog house before the laser fires at it, before he can enter, a beam fires down again and another explosion is heard. Stampy enters and finds no damage in the dog house, but sees Squid's Room destroyed. Stampy decides to stack up to the object that shot down the beam, he uses any block he can to pile up. He then reaches the object which resembles a satellite, Hit the target finds him and fires arrows at him and knocks him down, luckily Polly piles up ladders which saved Stampy, after firing a few more arrows, Hit the Target falls down, seeing the opportunity he operates the laser, tracking the evil duo following Hit the target to their fortress, Stampy then realizes he can destroy their castle, he fires the beam, moments later almost all the fortress is destroyed, he then grabs a bucket of water and swims down to the destroyed fortress. Veeva Dash and Hit the Target still fired arrows, but ran away after seeing their destroyed fortress. Stampy says what he did might be enough to make Hit the Target and Veeva Dash to leave Stampy's Lovely World for good, Stampy also wonders if it might be time to really make his lovely world more secure. He then meets Polly stating he won the battle with HTT and Veeva Dash. He then checks Polly's and Squid's houses, saying he'll rebuild Polly's house, but Squid's might be beyond repair, he then ends the video.


  • This is the second time in a episode where Hit the Target destroyed a building, the first being in Hot Spot, although Stampy put out the fire.
  • Polly's house was rebuilt and improved in Connect 3.
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