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Reindeer Rodeo

'Reindeer Rodeo' is a game in Funland. It was made for Christmas 2013.


The game is themed around Christmas, so the area consists largely of a snow field bordered by fences. The reindeer stand side by side in the middle, with access onto their backs. There is a block with a lever on some distance away, which is connected to a piston on the reindeer's back.

The two snow golems named Holly and Jolly used to live here, however they moved to the newly-built Jolly Snowy game.


The aim of the game is to stay on the reindeer as long as possible. Players take it in turns to have a go; one person climbs onto the reindeer's back and sits in a boat, while the other stands at the block with a lever. When the timer starts. the person at the lever switches the lever on and off as fast as they please. This causes the piston on the reindeer to lift the boat (and the person inside it) up and down, making it slide around. The person in the boat has limited control over where it goes, but can steer it away from the edge via the arrow keys. When the boat finally falls off, the time is recorded. All players have a go until the round is over, at which point the times are compared. The winner is the person who managed to stay on the reindeer for the longest.


Stampy said that this minigame doesn't work anymore due to way the new boats work: they become sturdy and unbreakable once the lever is pulled to push the piston up. However Stampy also mentioned it didn't make a big impact on the funland as he said they only play during the Christmas Season anyways.

The game was ranked #10 in his Top 10 Favourite Broken Mini-games.


  • Stampy may have gotten the idea from bull rodeo's.
  • Recently the game no longer works after Sqaishey's boat is continously destroyed due to the lifting. This may have due to the new way boats work.
  • The minigame site was the former home of Holly and Jolly before they were moved to the Christmas themed minigame for the year 2015:Jolly Snowy.

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Minecraft Xbox- Reindeer Rodeo

Minecraft Xbox - Reindeer Rodeo 151

Minecraft Xbox - Reindeer Rodeo 151