Rather Silly is a Stampy Short created by Joseph Garrett for his Stampy Shorts series.

Plot Edit

Barb's boss calls her into the room, where he starts to complain about how everything in Minecraft doesn't make any sense, from the fact his computer is a piece of wool with a painting stuck on it, to the fact that people chop down trees without them ever falling over. Barb states that it's all apart of the game. They continue to discuss what it's about and the purpose of the game. Then they start to discuss the fact that they're in a video filmed in a video game. The boss wants to get out of the video, but Barb states they have to wait until the video ends. Barb also states that he has the script so he knows what's going to happen, but her boss denies this. He asks what she thinks about this, whereas she wonders if she's asking her, the voice actor or the screenwriter. He answers the screenwriter, where he asks Stampy/Joseph, to where it cuts to real life, and responds, "What do I think? I think it's all rather silly." And closes his computer.

Credits Edit

  • Writing
    • Stampy
  • Voice acting

Trivia Edit

  • There was a 33 minute Behind the Scenes video about the creation of this short.
  • This is one of the only instances where they constantly break the fourth wall.
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