Randoms is a puzzle adventure map currently played by Stampy and iBallisticSquid. The first video was uploaded to YouTube on July 10, 2015. It was played on Minecraft Xbox.


Part 1Edit

Stampy starts by doing his intro and talking to Squid afterwards. Squid said he always make it a surprise for him, and started a little argument. They then go to give credit to the creators of the map, the rules and what the map is all about. They now ran to the first level which involves jumping into lava and eventually pass it into a hole leading to a puddle of water. Stampy fails to do it, but Squid does. They continue playing until they go on a quiz round. They got wrong answers a few times and Stampy eventually died because of that. After the quiz round, they go skydiving and land on a web in one of the corners. Squid manages to do it, but Stampy fails and he ended the video from there because of embarrassment.

Part 2Edit

Stampy finally jumps into the cobweb, and they continue through the map. They encountered by a quiz involving quotes, finding materials to make a diamond pickaxe and parkour and mazes.

Part 3Edit

They continue playing the map from where they left off. They encountered more random challenges, with some of these were difficult. However, they still managed to accomplish them. The episode ends after they accomplish the Happy Birthday song task.

Part 4Edit

This is the final episode in the series. They managed to finish playing the map here and they saw the view of the levels from outside. They smashed themselves out and went to a nearby village. Stampy supposedly ended the video from there, but he forgot to do their tradition: Battling with each other. Squid wins quickly as Stampy has few hearts left. From there the video ended properly.

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