Funland, Stampy's Lovely World

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Stampy, Finnball and Longbow.

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Sinking Feeling
Colours Of The Rainbow
Pot Of Gold

Raindrops is a ride in Stampy's Funland.


The game is eye-catching due to its two prominent features: An unbelievably tall diving board style structure (the tallest building in Stampy's Lovely World, in fact) and a huge rainbow made out of wool. As you would expect, at the end of the rainbow is a pot o' gold.

Game PlayEdit

The aim of the game is to travel the furthest in your boat. Players take it one by one to jump in a boat and automatically travel up the diving board. When they are at the top, the tide carries them to the edge and they drop off. Once they have dropped off, they can use the arrow keys to advance forward or back, and try to end up as far as possible. However, it is very easy to miss the small pool of water at the bottom, so they must be careful. The winner is a) the people who land in the water and b) the people who travel as furthest forward, but also land in the water.


The game got broken in the update that changed the way boats work. The water elevator doesn't work with the new boats anymore and the automatic boost doesn't work, so the player needs to manually steer the boat to reach the rainbow, but not to its stream anymore. The target  rainbow is unreachable by the new boats, so the player may instantly die.

The game ranked #2 in Stampy's Top 10 Broken Mini-games. This game has the most issues on the list.

Awards Edit

The most dangerous minigame
Stampy Fan Awards 2014 Nominated
Stampy Fan Awards 2015 Won
Stampy Fan Awards 2016 Nominated

Number Edit

See Funland for this.

Featured Video Edit

(Note: There are many videos featuring the ride, none of them called 'Raindrops'. This has the most building in it.)
Minecraft Xbox - Colours Of The Rainbow 125

Minecraft Xbox - Colours Of The Rainbow 125

Minecraft Xbox - Sinking Feeling 124

Minecraft Xbox - Sinking Feeling 124