What it is 1

Racestone is a minigame that was built by Stampy, Polly Reindeer and William Beaver in the Funland. This minigame involves redstone, although it is actually part of the game itself.

The game itself is made out of green, lime and white coloured wool. On each end of the arena there are redstone blocks where the player can start his/her trail. In the middle is the redstone lamp in which both players are trying to aim for. There is a button in the middle of the arena (opposite the door) that determines whose player will go first by dispensing either green or lime wool. It also washes away the redstone pieces left from the previous round, an easy reset for the new round.

How it is used 1

Racestone can be played for two players and requires strategy and thinking. A player will dispense a green or lime wool which determines whose one of them will be the first one to play. Both players are required to make a redstone trail which lead to a redstone lamp in the middle. Simple right? It gets even intense with some of these rules:

  • Both players can block their opponent's trails using a redstone repeater (facing opposite the trail) or a redstone comparator.
  • Placing a redstone repeater or comparator is not allowed in a white-coloured wool. This is to prevent from having the round unfair.

The first player to light up the redstone lamp is the winner!

Videos 1

Racestone was created in the episodes Strategy Game and Racestone.

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